Tuesday, 30 March 2010

6 Ways To Make Money Writing Online

There are more ways than you might think to make money by writing online. Whether you are yet to pen your first paid words or are an experienced author, you probably haven't thought of all the ways to exploit your talents. Here are my top 6 tips for paid online writing.

Write for a rev share site

Open an account on an advert-sharing site such as wikinut- these sites make it easy for you to focus on the writing, as they will sort out the traffic and the advertising. As well as earning money for any new content you write, you be able to generate cash from any existing articles you've written. Plus you'll be able to build up an online portfolio within a community of online authors.

Join a freelancing site

Middlemen such as Elance
will allow you to submit a profile to their site, and put you in touch with potential clients. They list a wealth of writing jobs, plus associated work such as translation and copy editing. They will help you to gain contract work with businesses from all over the world, and allow you to earn money by writing from home.

Get in touch with old colleagues

Use professional networking sites such as LinkedIn
to re-establish links with past work colleagues. Make sure you write a full profile of your skills and experience, and always add your latest CV. You'd be surprised at how often offers of work arise from your old acquaintances, so if you're just starting out as a writer work those connections.

Write a blog

If you're brave enough to try something a little more technical why not create a blog for yourself? You can add targeted adverts using Google Adsense
, which will automatically display adverts that are relevant to your content. You'll need to learn promotional skills to acquire traffic, so read up on SEO, guest posting and link building.

Become a guest poster

If you do have a blog or other online content to promote, contact blog owners you respect and send them some example guest posts. Ensure you try to target your writing for their style, and always provide a short bio of yourself that includes a link back to your site. By building relationships with a few high traffic blogs you'll be putting your name before potentially huge audiences.

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